~ Our Words ~

Writing has been at the core of the Imagine Yoga Mama’s journeys since they were children.

Whether the journal pages were filled with angst as a teen, love poems as a young woman, or random thoughts on Life, writing has been the constant.

Even the old school typewriter served as a medium for capturing her words, Christina would write for hours creating stories as a girl. That type writer was her reason for going to college as a Journalism major! (She changed her major once she realized typewriters and pens/notebooks were antiquated.)

Most of our Workshops include writing as a form of “Yoga.” We believe breathing through writing is as free-ing, healing and challenging as yoga postures.

Here is the space where we will share our writings with you.

Thank you for reading!


108 Mandala

The 108 Yoga Teachers Project

Stories from 108 Yoga Teachers

who have taught more than 108 months


Christina’s story.

Coming Soon!

Amy’s story.

Coming soon.