Imagine Yoga + Intention Setting Workshop

~ for Winter ~

Two hour workshop with Yoga + Meditation + Journaling

Saturday, December 17th
9:15 – 11:15 a.m.

$35 | $25 FitYoga Members

FitYoga Studio, 508 W. Lookout Drive, Richardson, TX 75080


 Why I created Imagine Yoga + Intention Setting Workshops

Ten years into my yoga practice, I began noticing my life in cycles, always changing like the seasons. I was curious about what could happen if I connected to the flow of the coming season and not fight the inevitable changes. I took this practice off of my yoga mat and set clear intentions in all aspects of my life.

Imagine Yoga + Intention Setting Workshops were created to help you get a massive perspective shift and momentum toward daily mindfulness in your life.

 What kinds of people is this workshop for?

Imagine Yoga + Intention Setting Workshops are a perfect fit for:

Those who see season-after-season passing and not much but the weather, changing.

Those who have a hard time sticking to a goal and don’t know how to set intentions.

Those who are ready to cultivate a more mindful life, filled with more moments of joy.

Those who aren’t totally clear on what they want in the first place.


If you’re still feeling like you’re flying by the seat of your pants, you find yourself in 911 mode constantly putting out fires, overwhelmed and unsure of how to live with MORE EASE and less stress, Imagine Yoga + Intention Setting Workshops will teach you how to implement a mindful rhythm, connected to nature.


I’ve welcomed yogis, people new to yoga + meditation

and even older kids to these classes!

Many past students of Imagine Yoga + Intention Setting Workshops have created more freedom, ease, and abundance in their lives after one workshop.

But some like to come back to check in with themselves & check in with nature, every season.


 $35 per person

$25 FitYoga Members (to be paid to Studio)

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 Will I really learn anything new?

Something you might not know about me is that I was taught and have been practicing meditation since a young age (8 years old).

In the past 15 years, having 2 kids, a divorce, total career change and now recent marriage and blended family, my practice in yoga + meditation + intentions setting has changed a lot. BUT I always go back to the basics.

I will teach you what I learned, the fundamentals. Even now, 30+ years after I first began my mindfulness journey, I still sit down and breathe & journal. I connect to the rhythms of nature, the moon cycles, the season to guide me.

Any dedicated musician, artist, writer, creator, or athlete will tell you that success is about MORE than just grabbing onto whatever is the latest, greatest, newest tip, trick, or tactic. It’s about being committed to MASTERING the basics. To always be digging deep into your foundation. That’s why I still breathe & journal and why I’m always learning more and refining the mindful practice that keeps me living my most joyful and abundant life.

No doubt we all want to learn exciting “advanced” things too {and you totally will~ as you continue to explore a life with yoga + meditation}… but unless your life is consistently balanced, joyful and you’re living the lifestyle you prefer… there’s a really good chance you’ve got some work to do on the basics.

 Why Winter Solstice?

When we are conscious of the change from one season to the next, we can harness the powerful wisdom of nature and learn to transition with grace! The Winter Solstice marks the onset of winter, at the time of the shortest day and longest night, about December 21st in the Northern Hemisphere.


The timing of this workshop is intended to inspire you to connect to the reminders nature gives you~ connect to your stillness, inner-strength and resolve.

 If this sounds like just what you need to revisit your intentions, please join us~ If you are ready for a massive perspective shift and momentum toward daily mindfulness in your life, please join us~

In this two hour Imagine Yoga + Intention Setting Workshop

you will cultivate stillness, find peace within and re-connect to your intentions for the next season in your life.