Extra Winter heaviness…

purple-flowers-in-snowFor me, Spring is the most challenging season to transition into~ maybe because I go so deep inward, quietly into my darkest corners of self in the Winter.

Yes, I move toward the light of imminent Spring, but most days I feel sluggish, with extra Winter heaviness.

It’s not easy to unfurl like the budding flowers. It’s not easy to break through the soil like the sprouting life from underground. But this growth, rebirth, renewal is inevitable.

This next season: I choose to transition with a gentleness. I won’t PUSH THROUGH, I will ALLOW more~ I will CREATE with intentions of EXPANSION~

What seeds are you planting for Spring?

Please join me on the first full day of Spring 3/21/2015 at VIBE Yoga Center in Allen, TX for a Spring Equinox Imagine Yoga + Meditation + Writing workshop designed to help us transition from the depths of Winter and plant seeds of intention for the next season of our life! Spring forward with a conscious spring cleaning of sorts.

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