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Who is Imagine Yoga? Where can you find us?

We are Yoga Mamas, soulfully sharing the gifts of
yoga + meditation + mindful living~

You can find us outdoors under the trees, our own home studios (or yours) and connecting with like-minded studios in the Dallas, TX metroplex. We are a virtual studio and cherish the freedom.

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You may say that we are dreamers, but we’re not the only ones.

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Imagine Yoga Co-Creator

Christina is a wholehearted care-giver, passionate mother, and loyal friend. She was introduced to meditation in grade school and has been teaching health/physical education classes since she was a teenager.

After years of teaching in & managing a power yoga studio, she created Imagine Yoga to offer her unique style of workshops & events that include journaling/writing and intention setting. She is currently serving as the Head of School at Fusion Academy Dallas, a revolutionary progressive private school, grades 6-12.

It was when she began studying the art & science of Yoga 19 years ago, that she became aware of her potential to be(come) Love. She incorporated mindful living on and off of the yoga mat. It has made all the difference for her in Life as she endured painful losses, divorce, single motherhood, re-learning to love herself and eventually finding her dream job, love and partnership in a new marriage.

She is an advocate of sharing yoga + meditation + self expression for people of all ages and begins in her home, with her self, her children and blended family of (now) 6.

The only thing she knows for sure, she learned from the Beatles: Love is all you need.



Imagine Yoga Co-Creator

Amy officially began practicing yoga in 2002, but finding yoga was a natural progression. In the first class, she realized that she had been practicing breath work & postures her entire life. From playing with handstands & other arm balances with her dad as a child to following her breath to fall asleep, yoga had kind of always been there. On her mat she has battled demons, experienced profound moments of grace, fought depression, found stillness, cried, laughed and cursed. And she keeps showing up.

After years of practice, healing & teaching others, she & Christina co-created Imagine Yoga with the intention of teaching whole-heartedly & offering yoga where the spirit takes them. Amy mostly teaches private classes and workshops that focus on giving people tools to help them heal themselves.

Out in the world, her family and friends are constant sources strength, who remind her to love herself as is, to be brave and to keep going. No. Matter. What. Although she loves teaching yoga, her real dream is to be a farming folk singer. And she will. Eventually.



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