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Imagine Yoga was created by two yoga mamas with Soul

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Imagine Yoga is currently a fusion of yoga + seva.

As our world unfolds without certainty, what we know for sure is we are here to Love, serve and be present. Christina is currently running Fusion Academy Dallas, a revolutionary 1:1 high school/middle school in Dallas, TX that has moved to 100% virtual instruction. Amy continues to teach yoga with private clients.

Stay tuned for upcoming virtual workshops and other offerings to be done in the comfort of your own home.

What are people saying about Imagine Yoga?

Journaling, meditation, and yoga opened a door that had been locked. Again, it’s difficult to justify taking time for pursuits you enjoy when your child has very real and pressing needs. But one of the first things that happened to me was the desire to create a visual collage of all the things that had been unlocked in me, and it was a very cathartic process. As the emotions and tears flowed, so did my compassion, not only toward myself, but also toward everyone around me, and most especially my loved ones.


Thank you so much for the Fall Equinox Workshop! That was truly lovely. I see now how the seasons can impact our own transformations.


Before working with Christina I thought yoga was a woo woo practice.  I never could have imagined myself practicing yoga but after my first session with Christina I was sold on it.  She is down to earth, patient, and gears each class to the way I’m feeling or what I need that particular day.
I was referred by my doctor to yoga to help open neuro pathways.
And it has taught me self awareness and patience.  My body feels so much better after practicing.
I have gained a lot of strength and flexibility.
Christina is amazing.  I think if I would have chosen any other yoga teacher I would have stuck with my original feeling about yoga.  I cant imagine my life without yoga and meditation, I practice at least one of them everyday.  My experience has been life changing.  I’m very lucky to have Christina in my life to lead me through this journey.

Your teaching/guidance is always beautiful, Christina. Thank you for your authenticity. Be love!


Christina’s poetic approach to yoga resonates with me so much as a woman feeling connected to the cycles of Mother Nature. Her gentle, compassionate and empowering style is expressed through her raw authenticity and fearless drive to make a difference in the world. Thank you!


Absolutely wonderful! The yoga, meditation and journaling went perfectly together. Connecting  the seasons with yoga was awesome. I leave feeling lighter and more connected to my intentions. Thank you!


 Imagine Yoga + Intention Setting Workshop

~ for Spring~

Yoga + Meditation + Writing Saturday, March 24, 2018 9:30 – 11 a.m. | $35 ($25 FitYoga Members) FitYoga Studio 508 West Lookout Drive, Richardson 75080

Read about this powerful workshop and the benefits HERE

Tickets available HERE

 Imagine Yoga + Intention Setting Workshop

~ for Winter ~

Yoga + Meditation + Writing Saturday, December 17, 2016 9:15 – 11:15 a.m. | $35 ($25 FitYoga Members) FitYoga Studio 508 West Lookout Drive, Richardson 75080

Read about this powerful workshop and the benefits HERE

Tickets available HERE

 Imagine Yoga + Intention Setting Workshop

~ Summer Solstice ~

Yoga + Meditation + Journaling Saturday, June 18, 2016 Noon – 2 p.m. VIBE Yoga Studio, 190 E Stacy Rd #1510, Allen, TX 75002

This workshop was created to help you get a massive perspective shift and momentum toward daily mindfulness in your life.

Summer is a time of LIGHT~ EXPRESSION~ ACTION~ VITALITY~ The timing of this workshop is intended to inspire you to connect to the flow of Summer’s radiance~ connect to your own brilliance and bring your intentions to light.

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Imagine Yoga + Mindful Living for the Whole Family

This series is for : Busy families who are struggling with finding QUALITY time together. For busy Dads/Moms who want to come home from work and feel peace in their home sanctuary. For busy Dads/Moms who feel like they don’t have enough hours in the day to get it all done. For busy school-aged kids who are tired of the school, homework, busy-ness grind and cannot articulate their anxiety to their parents. For the family that is beginning to feel the affects of too many fast food dinners. For the family member that wants to re-connect to themselves. For the family that wants to reconnect to each other.

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